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“If you’ve been aching for a good old fashioned, pulse-pounding crime novel you can sink your teeth into, Bronx Bound is it.”

—Marshall Karp,  #1 New York Times bestselling author

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3 Responses to BRONX BOUND

  1. Mike says:

    Just finished Bronx Bound. Loved it. I lived through this low point in the Bronx and found that Roche got it just right; not too much, not too little. Good read.


  2. Len Campagna says:

    I grew up in Parkchester during the 50’s and 60’s. I know Roche was there from his narrative. Fast paced read that I could not put down until finished. The book brought back many memories. Roche should expand on the many Irish Parkchester kids who became NYPD. Their diet was poor, they smoked too much, and they spent too much time drinking in Bars. However, they were brave and honest and when NYC was attacked on 9/11, many died charging into danger to save lives. Their radios worked, but they ignored orders to evacuate the building. These Bronx heros were not going to retreat and abandon people in distress. Roche’s next book could be on the Esprit De Corps of these Bronx Boys.


  3. Gerard Chomiak says:

    I, also,just finished Bronx Bound. Couldn’t put it down. I grew up in Parkchester in the 50s thru the 70s and enjoyed reminiscing about Rota’s, St. Ray’s, the ballfield, etc. Felt like I was hanging out in Kenny’s again on Tremont across from the MotorVehicle office !


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